New discoveries could lead to new skin care trends!

Hi everyone, So, being the science geek that I am, I do spend a lot of time reading up on new technologies and discoveries within the cosmetic industry. One particular article caught my eye and thought I would share it with you all. The article found in SPC magazine focused on a new scientific discovery […]

Dior: Capture Totale – Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment

Hi everyone, The past few months have been rather ‘eventful’ and I have taken an unexpectedly long leave from my blog, possibly too long of a leave. However I am back and excited to be blogging again. During my time away I have been and still am using an incredible eye cream. Dior: Capture Totale […]

Swisscode Pure: Serums For Every Skin Concern.

Swiss skincare specialists Skin Concept have developed a range of pure concentrates under the ‘Swisscode Pure’ brand name. The range consists of 7 very unique formulations using the purest form of actives and designed to be used in addition to your normal daily skincare routine. The seven serums each focus on a specific skincare concern: […]

Botox Enhancing Pill

In today’s society, appearance and looking young play a huge role in our lives, even more so for those who work in the beauty industry. Many of us go through 100’s of beauty products a year and while others will turn to non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox. Cosmetic manufacturers are constantly developing […]

Harvey Nichols: New Beauty Retail Concept

(Designers impression of the new store) UK’s premium fashion, beauty & lifestyle department store Harvey Nichols, is set to launch a globally innovative beauty store ‘Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols’. This new beauty retail concept will provide the ultimate cutting-edge, luxury experience, filled with the best products, brands, treatments and services to make every girl go […]

Prepare Your Skin for Winter

As the days are getting cooler we are now in a transitional time from summer (if you can even say we had one) to winter and this is the best time to change your skincare routine and help prepare it for the cold harsh winter.  The biggest battle between summer & winter is that our […]

La Collection Privée: Christian Dior

Christian Dior Partnered with Royal Jordanian Airlines creating a unique experience with an exclusive invite to discover the quintessence of Dior Couturier-Perfumer expertise: La Collection Privée. La Collection Privée  is a stunning collection of fragrances created by Francois Demachy (Dior’s Perfume-Creator) and inspired by the unique heritage of Dior. Each and every fragrance is beautifully […]

Polish Passion

I must admit I have a love-hate relationship with nail polishes… I’ll go months with loving them and then like the switch of a button completely avoid them, but the shades which I always end up going back to are the amazing  true reds, deep berries and pretty nudes. Since my love for nail polishes […]

Vitalskin By Darphin

Darphin  have been researching the way we as a society live, how our lifestyles have an impact on our skin and really how much of what we do causes tiredness and stress. If you think about it, we work crazy hours pushing ourselves further and harder than ever to meet deadlines. Students working on dissertations […]

Bold & Beautiful

Bold lips for that statement look are this season must have. From deep reds, to plums, browns, pinks and brights, it really doesn’t matter what shade you choose as long as it is bold & beautiful. A few tips if you are planning for that statement look. Apply lip balm days before to help keep […]