Swisscode Pure: Serums For Every Skin Concern.

Swiss skincare specialists Skin Concept have developed a range of pure concentrates under the ‘Swisscode Pure’ brand name. The range consists of 7 very unique formulations using the purest form of actives and designed to be used in addition to your normal daily skincare routine.

The seven serums each focus on a specific skincare concern:

– Hyaluron: Contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic acid to help moisturise and firm the skin.

– Vitamin F Forte: Contains Omega -6 fatty acids to help prevent skin dryness and replenish the skins natural protective barrier.

– Repair Complex: Helps to support the skins DNA repair mechanism.

– Genistein: Helps boost your skins natural collagen production.

– MPC: Contains a potent active derived from milk protein, which is known to help reduce visible signs of aging.

– Dynalift HYA: Helps improved the appearance of tired and dull looking skin.

– Kiribirth: Contains an active derived from marine algae which helps to reduce the appearance of age spots.

I do love serums like these as you can easily customize your current products with these brilliant concentrates. Add a few drops of one of the above serums to your moisturiser or face mask and you have just created an extra benefit to your daily skincare products.

The Swisscode Pure range is available online and retails between £45 and £95 for a 15ml dropper bottle. Might sound expensive but I personally think these little formulas are absolute gems to add to your skincare routine.

What do you think of the Swisscode Pure range?



  1. Thank you, Natalie!

  2. these sound great! i love your blog.
    following you on facebook and bloglovin

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