Botox Enhancing Pill

In today’s society, appearance and looking young play a huge role in our lives, even more so for those who work in the beauty industry. Many of us go through 100’s of beauty products a year and while others will turn to non-invasive procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox. Cosmetic manufacturers are constantly developing and formulating the latest anti-ageing skincare, while other companies have been working on something a little more exciting.

Eden Aesthetics, a US based manufacturer has created ‘Zytaze’ , a nutritional supplement said to enhance the effects of Botox.

According to the manufacturer, studies showed that Zinc is an important element with bringing out and boosting the effects of Botulinum toxin. Scientists have shown that Botulinum toxin must bind together with a Zinc molecule in order for the treatment to be effective.

Clinical trials performed by Eden Aesthetics (on 77 patients) demonstrated that ‘Zytaze’ helped increase both the treatment effect as well as duration period by up to 25 percent when zinc levels had been increased four days prior to the Botox treatment.

I think this new development is quite amazing and I am really interested to know if any has tried this combination.

What do you all think about this new development and will you be trying it out?


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