La Collection Privée: Christian Dior

Christian Dior Partnered with Royal Jordanian Airlines creating a unique experience with an exclusive invite to discover the quintessence of Dior Couturier-Perfumer expertise: La Collection Privée.

La Collection Privée  is a stunning collection of fragrances created by Francois Demachy (Dior’s Perfume-Creator) and inspired by the unique heritage of Dior. Each and every fragrance is beautifully blended using the finest and most precious raw materials available.

During the consultation with the Perfume expert you will together discover your signature fragrance.

A series of questions, such as:

Do you prefer fragrances that exude : Freshness or Intensity                                                                                                                                                What do you look for in a fragrance: Elegance or Originality                                                                                                                                                      Do you prefer fragrances that are Discreet or Outgoing

lead to discovering your perfect match.

My answers: Intensity, Originality & Discreet revealed that my signature fragrance is ‘Ambre Nuit‘, and they couldn’t be more right. My eyes lit up as soon as I smelt this fragrance, so rare and authentic, a perfect creation.

(Sample on the left is ‘Cologne Royale‘ – A fresh citrus , Bergamot & Neroli fragrance & the sample on the right is ‘Ambre Nuit‘- A warm Rose and Amber).

The Collection consists of 11 fragrances for both men & woman, although due to the rare ingredients used and precision it took to create such luxury they do come at a price. (£125 for 125ml). Might sound expensive, but these fragrances are very unique and cannot & should not be compared to any other fragrances on the market.

Have you tried and bought a fragrance from La Collection Privée ?



  1. A great experience totally agree!!!

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