Vitalskin By Darphin

Darphin  have been researching the way we as a society live, how our lifestyles have an impact on our skin and really how much of what we do causes tiredness and stress.

If you think about it, we work crazy hours pushing ourselves further and harder than ever to meet deadlines. Students working on dissertations have been up for days popping ProPlus to keep them awake just for an extra hour (I raise my hand on that one). Work aside, our weekends seem to be filled with socializing, booze, fun, games, more booze, coming home early the next morning or for some not quite finding ‘home’ at all. Our dietary habits often slip as ‘we simply don’t have the time’ to cook a healthy meal. Not to mention relationships, they can be complicated, hard, emotional (plus a 101 other words). Unfortunately this is the reality when you work, live or study in the big city and there always comes a time when you feel beat as if you have just lost the battle.

But have you ever wondered how your skin is coping with all this stress?

In my eyes Darphin skincare have formulated a winning combination to help replenish tired and stressed skin. Vitalskin Anti-fatigue Hydrating Serum & Vitalskin Energizing & Hydrating Emulsion are due to hit the UK market in September.

The serum was formulated with a slow delivery system technology, which slowly releases the actives into the skin over a 8 hour duration time. the system helps to improve the hydration of the skin surface and leaves the skin feeling recharged, restful, and revitalized. 

Both products contain a bespoke complex blended with natural botanical extracts from Sapindus mukorossi & Laminaria digitata.

Sapindus mukorrossi is an active that supplies energy to the skin and helps prevent any visible signs of tiredness. It will actively help to restore skin tone and improve moisture level, leaving the complexion looking radiant, healthy and ready to face another day.

Laminaria digitata is a brown algae composed of several different constituents each having a specific function to help bring back cell vitality.

Amino acids, Enzymes, Vitamins & Mineral salts:

– Potassium and sodium mineral salts help moisturise the epidermis.

– Sulphur is an important element found in amino acids, co-enzymes and vitamins which help to renew skin cells.

– Phosphorus is known and used for its energy boosting power.

– Vitamins A and C, combined with magnesium, iron, manganese and copper are activators necessary for collagen production.

If you do feel your skin is lacking lustre and looks tired I would recommend popping into a store which stocks Darphin or simply order them online. Either way, I would advise you give these two products a try.



  1. Thank you..I’m really glad your enjoying my blog 🙂

  2. Samantha Taggart says:

    This is so interesting! Especially to read all the science behind it! Great blog 🙂 xoxo

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