A Fragrance For Every Occasion

I love fragrances and how they can change your mood and the way you feel. I am a bit of a perfume collector and probably have a fragrance for every occasion and wanted to share my favourite ones with you.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs – £50 (50ml)

The idea of a daisy is exactly what this fragrance is, very young, innocent, feminine and fun.

The fragrance is a great mix of fresh fruity strawberry notes, violet leaf and spicy pink grapefruit, blended together with gardenia, jasmine, white woods, vanilla and musk.

This is my playful daytime perfume.

J’Adore by Dior– £64 (50ml)

There is something about Dior that completely captivates me, not just the fragrance, but also the fashion, the bags, the shoes, the adverts, models and glamour….. really the entire brand portrays female power. When I wear Dior it makes me feel powerful and in control. J’Adore is a legendary, elegant and sophisticated feminine perfume perfectly blended with Ylang-ylang, Damask rose and jasmine.

J’Adore is my power fragrance which I will wear during job interviews, client meetings and industry events.

The One by Dolce & Gabbana– £54 (50ml)

This fragrance is quite hard to explain, it’s a great blend of bergamot, vanilla, amber and vetiver notes, which collide well together with lychee, peach, lily, plum, jasmine, musk, and muguet. The perfume seems to be such a complex creation; but somehow all the notes work really well together making it smell very simple and almost effortless.

There is something sexy and flirtatious about this fragrance, but at the same time quite warm and charming… The prefect fragrance to wear on a girls night out or possibly a first date.

Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier– £56 (50ml)

If I had to describe this fragrance in one word it would be ‘seductive’. The whole concept around the fragrance…..  The fragrance bottle, a female shape with a lace corset design, the perfume itself is quite rich and heavy, but beautifully balanced with rose, ginger (a powerful aphrodisiac), orange blossom, vanilla and amber.

This perfume is a very powerful, feminine and seductive fragrance, one which I would wear only on special occasions.



  1. I love J’adore! I have not bought it for a while though. I do love the Marc Jacobs bottle, and the new one is lovely too!

  2. Agree, you cant go wrong with a bit of Marc Jacobs Daisy.

  3. I love love love marc jacobs – Daisy it is my go to, and your so right, it can make a real difference to how you feel, I always feel a lot more confident, I like it when you can’t smell it any more and some says ”you smell good” xx

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