Next Generation of BB Creams

We’ve all heard about and fallen in love with BB creams (Blemish Balm Creams), they were originally developed in Germany and became widely popular in Asia before making their way around the globe and gaining popularity in Europe and the US.

These beauties are multi-functional formulations, providing skin benefits like soothing, moisturising, wrinkle blurring, even skin tone and added SPF. Most BB creams are tinted, but with light coverage, their sensory properties include excellent silky textures and light skin feels. Some BB creams were designed as alternatives to daily make-up wear like a foundation and tinted moisturiser.

BB creams were launched during a time when consumers wanted quick and easy to use cosmetics and wanting the option of adjusting color while moisturising.

This trend has now led to a new breed of BB creams…. Yes ladies… we have now moved into the next generation of BB Creams, aka.. CC Creams (Color Control Creams).

CC creams aims to retain the same properties as BB creams as well as focus more on the skincare benefits and quality of coverage on the skin.

Cosmetic Scientists are currently working on formulas which make the creams less oily providing a lighter texture and suitable for spot prone skin. These new and more advanced formulations will offer enhanced brightening effects and are being combined with active ingredients and extracts to provide long term benefits for the skin.

At the moment CC creams have only been launch in the Asian Market with the one and only Complete Correction Cream by Chanel.

However the likelihood is that the trend will soon move across the globe in the same way as the BB cream has done.

I am really eager to know which of the major cosmetic companies will be the first to launch a CC Cream in the UK market.



  1. That’s what I’m thinking. I hope it hits the UK market very soon.

  2. This sounds interesting! If Chanel will do it, they must be good!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life

  3. Ohh very interesting! Cant wait to see these creams launched in the UK! I’m awful for new things! 😀

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