Cosmetic Brands & Digital Media

Everywhere we look companies, brands and products are advertised through different means. Many brands and retailers have been using digital media as part of their marketing strategy and have transformed the way they communicate with customers.

Still fairly new to the cosmetic industry is the use of augmented reality technologies. This type of technology allows brands to communicate with customers and engage with them on a different level. It seems that as customers (including myself) we love being engaged with the brand, being able to hold and test a product, or even be involved in the marketing process which would deliver a new experience.

The latest use of augmented reality, which seems to be very popular, is when a brand or retailer (through digital media) welcomes you to try and experience the brand and their products, before committing to them. The whole idea and experience of trying on virtual make-up, changing your hair color, painting your nails and receiving tailored recommendations is something us ladies are completely drawn to and this immediately creates a sense of ‘must have’ around a brand and their products.

Luxury London department store Harrods has recently launched ‘The Make-up Studio’; a digital version of the Harrods Magazine to use on your iPad or Mac. This tool allows you to test the hottest beauty buys from different brands such as Chanel, Dior & Burberry within minutes. Creating a new look is just the beginning, you are able to share the look with your social media friends and create product wishlists.

The Harrods Magazine app is free and available to download here.

And of course to carry on with the digital advertising Harrods have released a video illustrating how this fantastic app works.

Another company going down the digital media route is L’Oreal, with their ‘My L’oreal Colorist’. Ever wondered what hair color would work best for you? Well this app gives you the chance to scan or find a hair color you are interested in, learn about shade recommendations by L’oreal color experts and get advise from your facebook friends, before you make your purchase.

The L’oreal ‘My Colorist’ app is free to download here. The only down side with the L’Oreal colorist app is that you don’t actually get the chance to see if the color would suit you or if it would match well with your complexion.

Many other brands are following this marketing trend to interact with their customers, so if you are a beauty junkie then this is something you must try and if you find a new and fantastic beauty app…. do share it with us.


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