L’Oreal: The Science of Glycans

We’ve all seen the program on BBC Horizon: The Truth About Looking Young, focusing on the way the skin ages and what new research has been carried out to help slow down the process of ageing.

L’Oreal being one of the major companies in the cosmetic industry with ground breaking research, focused on glycobiology and how glycans are the new generation of actives for the cosmetic industry.

Since the program I am sure that women and men around the UK have been trying to search for the cream developed by L’Oreal which contained this new technology.

Well ladies & gentlemen… I have the answer…

I am able to reveal that the skin care range formulated from glycan technology is the one and only Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Forever Youth Liberator range. (The L’Oreal group is the parent company to YSL)

Glycans are involved in cell to cell communication and act as biological keys to activate a chain reaction of signals inside the cells and liberate their youth potential.

With age the level of glycans drops and signs of ageing appear.

YSL Beauté Forever Youth Liberator range is able to reactivate this cell to cell communication resulting in plumper skin and recreating the youthful appearance.

If this new ground breaking research caught your attention then buy a product or two from the YSL Beauté Forever Youth Liberator range.


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