The Truth About Looking Young

For those who did not get the chance to see last night’s program on BBC two were Dr. Rozina Ali presented Horizon: The Truth About Looking  Young missed an extremely fascinating program talking about how and why the skin ages and what we can do to help slow down the process of ageing. Last night was the first of six episodes so you do have time to catch up.

The program started off looking at how the skin is affected by environmental stress such as UVB & UVA radiation from the sun (UVB radiation only affects the top layer of the skin and is known to burn the skin, while UVA penetrates deeper into the skin and causes ageing) and the importance of wearing a sun protection at all times.

Another factor which has an effect on ageing is our everyday Diet:

Scientists found a link between sugar in our diet & ageing. With numerous trials and tests they were able to confidently state that – people with a low sugar level have a much younger appearance than their average age. On the other hand people with a higher blood sugar level tended to look much older than their average age. This is because sugar has the ability to attach itself to the collagen in our skin. “Once the sugar gets attached to collagen, it makes the collagen brittle and more likely to break and it is also more difficult for the skin to repair itself,” says Dr David Gunn, senior scientist at Unilever.

4 diet steps were mentioned which would help with reducing the glucose (sugar) level and help obtain a youthful appearance:

– Eat bright colored vegetables. The one mentioned on the program was the tomato.

– Eat bitter tasting vegetables & fruit such as Broccoli & Radish.

– Eat lots of oily fish which are high in omega 3 – best and richest type of fish is the Mackerel.

– Avoid starch such as rice, pasta & potatoes.

However it was also mentioned that in order to help slow down the process of ageing by the 4 diet steps, we would have to eat a large quantity in order to see changes.

Unilever; being one of the many companies at the forefront of break through science have (for the past 5 years) been developing an anti-ageing pill. A pill which has been clinically tested for efficacy and aims to reduce the length and depth of lines & wrinkle, as well as making the overall appearance of the skin look smoother.

I know that from this day on I will be changing what I eat and being a lot more careful with the amount of sugar I consume. As tempting as chocolate might sound I think I would much rather obtain a youthful appearance for as long as I possibly can.

Another company, who really is ahead of the game when it comes to breakthrough science, is L’Oreal.

They have been researching glycobiology – which is the study of the structure, and the biology of sugar chains (glycans) and how they have an impact on skin ageing. Glycans are a major constituent of the skin and play a decisive role in keeping the skin at balance.

L’Oreal has been researching the Dermal – Epidermal Junction which is very rich in Glycans and how they could keep the cell to cell communication between the two skin layers healthy and constant. Once the cell to cell communication breaks down the skin begins to age.

So ladies, always wear sunscreen, change your diet to a healthier one and start the hunt for an anti-ageing cream or serum that claims cell to cell communication and keeps the glycans in your skin healthy and functional.

I also recommend that you watch the next 5 episodes of the Horizon: The Truth About Looking Young.


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