Leaders In the Cosmetic Industry

With so many brands currently on the market and many more being launched each year…. Does it ever make you wonder if a brand you absolutely love is actually owned by one of the big boys??

The truth is that most of the brands available are owned by one of the large cosmetic groups and if they aren’t it’s only a matter of time before one of the main companies snaps them up.

So I created a list of the top companies in the industry and the many brands that they have either acquired, developed or manufacture for, over the years.

Aside from the above brands there are many more which like Chanel & Clarins do remain independent brands. Retailers like Space NK, Harrods and John Lewis are filled with small independent and niche brands. I feel that there is something special about the smaller companies, they have a different sense of high quality & luxury which many of the big top brands don’t seem to hold.

So next time your looking to try a new product, pop into a store like Space NK and give one of the small brands a try; you will be surprised as they are pretty amazing.



  1. Arleen Walker says:

    Yikes! I’m cut to the quick over my favorite brand owned by another company…Shiseido! I thought Leslie was still in charge of Bare Escentuals!

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