A Cosmetic Scientist’s Skincare Routine: Part 3 -Moisturisers

This is the third and final part to my skincare routine …. All about moisturisers!!!!

There are two moisturisers which I currently use as part of my skincare routine.

My morning moisturiser is Hydra Matte Lotion – Combination Skin By Clarins

This moisturizer is extremely lightweight and keeps your skin nicely moisturized throughout the day. It has a very slight powdery, but pleasant feel after applying and creates a great base which helps to easily apply makeup afterwards.

 Actives used:

Biosaccharide Gum- 4 – is an ingredient which creates almost like a second skin matrix on top of your skin in order to protect it from outside aggressors like pollution.

– Epilobium Fleischeri – Is an alpine willowherb and specifically developed for oily and shiny problematic skin. When formulated into a cosmetic product the active helps decrease sebum production and helps improve the overall appearance of the skin and size of pores.

Codium Tomentosum – is a marine algae extract. This type of seaweed has some great data showing that when found in its natural surrounding it has the ability to maintain a constant hydration level despite being faced with harsh and dry conditions from the sun and wind. These extraordinary properties which this plant possesses are due to the presence of sulphated polysaccharides in the cell membranes and the movement of solvent molecules in the cytoplasm. When formulated into creams or lotions, these compounds present in the seaweed function to quickly hydrate the skin, and unlike normal moisturising agents, its hydrating ability is very long lasting. Advanced scientific techniques have also shown that this active is able to hydrate the upper, middle and lower layers of the epidermis.

Tilia Cordata – Linden extract is used for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Lamium Album – A species of the nettle plant, which is used due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties

Lapsana Communis- demonstrates skin conditioning properties.

This moisturiser is great for those who are looking for a cream which feels ultra- light on the skin, has great actives to help improve the general state of the skin and keeps it feeling moisturised.

The night cream which I currently use, is: Multi- Active Night Youth Recovery Cream – By Clarins

This gel-cream has more body and is a thicker product than my day cream. However it does not feel very heavy nor rich on the skin and most importantly, it doesn’t leave an occlusive layer as many gel-creams can. This cream was formulated to nourish, moisturize, restore and recover the skin from daytime stress, and boost the skin’s overnight recovery from a demanding day.

Actives used:

– Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)- has great skin conditioning properties.

– Actinidia Cinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract –  Helps stimulate and improve cellular renewal .

– Thermus Thermophillus Ferment-  Helps stimulate the production of the structure lipids in the stratum corneum (ceramides) and restores the quality of the cutaneous barrier, which helps reduce the amount of water lost from the skin.  This process benefits the skin by strengthening its natural barrier, helps protect the cells structure from UV damage and improves the skins moisture content.

–  Glutamylamidoethyl Imidazole – is an anti-aging active that helps boost cellular renewal by improving cell communication. This helps optimize the skins physiological defense against environmental aggressors, and improves cell regeneration.

– Hydrolysed Cetatonia Siliqua (Carob) Seed Extract: Is very rich in both amino acids and peptides and was developed to improve and sustain the skin’s moisture and glow over time, as well as combat signs of premature aging.

The Multi- Active Night Youth Recovery Cream is a great night cream containing fantastic actives which will help recover the skin during the night and make it feel fresh and new in the morning.


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